Tallenne is all-inclusive one-man company specializing in field recordings and audio post production ranging from small to medium sized productions.


Whether you're working on a music track, advertisement, short films or documentary films Tallenne can help you with audio solutions. In case of large productions Tallenne has close contacts to bigger studios and audio community around Finland.


Tallenne is located in Vallila district in Helsinki, Finland.


Ville-Matti Koskiniemi is a sound designer and audio engineer behind Tallenne. With film studies and musical background he's prepared for any challenges within the field of sound.

Gear for location sound:

  • Two wireless Senneheiser G4 transmitters

  • DPA 4060 Microphones & Accessories for hiding

  • Wireless link between recorder and camera 

  • Wireless monitoring for client 

  • Boom(2kpl) & Required gear 

  • Sennheiser MKH8060 Microphone 

  • Sound Devices 833 & Sound bag

  • Zoom F8 & Sound bag

  • Two Sennheiser hd25 headphones

  • Cables for all uses

  • Lowepro backpack for gear

  • SD cards

For technical information contact Tallenne.

Gear in studio:

  • Monitoring room 

  • Genelec 8340 speakers

  • RME Interface's

  • Soundcraft mixing desk (Analogue)

  • Rack preamps and compressors

  • iMac

  • ProTools 12

  • Various plugins

  • Various microphones for all uses

  • Electric guitar and bass gear

  • Analogue synthesizers

Contact Tallenne for more information.


Location sound prices

Audio engineer:

350e + VAT(24%)

8h weekday / location sound 

80e / h + VAT(24%)

Price beyond 8h


200e + VAT(24%)

Daily price when audio engineer and gear are booked*

Sound design works

450e + VAT(24%)

8h weekday 

Only gear rentals:

250e / Day*

For pure artistic or non-commercial productions the prices are flexible.

Contact Tallenne for more information.

*If gear is needed outside Tallenne stock the rental price is to be added to daily prices.

*Gear rentals include only F8 as a recording device, for Sound Devices ask the prices.




Danske Bank



Helsingin Sanomat

Ivalo Creative

Nelonen Media

TBWA Helsinki

Tonto Helsinki




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